You probably think Utica has enough restaurants already, but a few more won't hurt.

What chain restaurant would you like to see open up in the area? These are our Top 5 - Let us know which ones we missed in the 'comments section' at the bottom of this page.


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    Dairy Queen

    The closest Dairy Queen is in Cicero. Can't we have one a little closer? Sometimes you're just in the mood for a Blizzard, or Peanut Buster Parfait.

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    Jet's Pizza

    We understand that pizza in Central New York is a touchy subject, but there are already chain pizza places out here, so what's one more? Check out the video on why Jet's Pizza is so special.

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    Cracker Barrel

    Do we even need to argue our point here?
    ...Didn't think so.

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    YES! This is definitely one of the top restaurant chains we need out here. The closest one is in Dewitt - which is quite a drive just to get some "Big Mouth Burgers," or their famous "Southwestern Eggrolls."

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    In-N-Out Burger

    We've heard nothing but good things about In-N-Out Burger. They're more popular in the Southwest United States (except for one location in Oregon). Anyone who has visited that side of the country and has had In-N-Out Burger, know why everyone is so crazy for the chain restaurant.

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