There are a couple of pieces of information this week about showering that may make you think twice about your daily habits.

First, leading dermatologists say we do not necessarily NEED to shower every single day. Also, Reddit has a feature called Shower Thoughts that's becoming an online sensation. These posts beg two questions: (1) How often do YOU shower? And (2) What do you do while you're IN the shower?

We'll tackle the first According to a post on, professional dermatologists pretty much agree that daily showers are unnecessary; they say it's better for your skin if you don't.

Statistics indicate that about half of us shower once a day. So, does that mean that about half of us are ruining our skin? And, does that mean the 20% of us who take one ALMOST daily or the 18% of us who shower two or three times PER WEEK are better off in the final analysis?

Does this mean if we shower once in the morning, we shouldn't shower later in the day after going to the gym? Or, if we're planning to work out, should we SAVE our one shower for that? about the 1% who shower just once a MONTH? Has anyone gotten close enough to them to ask about THEIR habits?

As for the SECOND post, a feature called Reddit Shower Thoughts is making quite an impact online. Here's a sampling:

  • The men in your house have spent hours...looking at the wall behind your toilet, while the women have probably never paid it attention.
  • 1 train + 1 train = 1 train
  • One of the biggest scams in life was your mom saying she won't get angry if you say the truth.

Do YOU have Deep Thoughts like these in the shower? Do you sing? Or, do you just...shower?

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