Diddy may have some competition when it comes to throwing legendary parties if Asher Monroe‘s new video is any indication. In ‘Here With You,’ Monroe hosts some amazing bashes in the hills of L.A. and displays unusual superpowers to help him get to know the guests a little better.

Based on the behind-the-scenes footage we premiered earlier this month, it looked as though ‘Here With You’ would be a typical party video, but the clip takes that formula and spices it up with some science fiction effects. Monroe begins by sitting down at the piano to play the opening notes of the dance-pop song, when a hologram soundboard suddenly appears in front of him.

Before long the house is full of party people breakdancing, drinking and having a good time. Monroe is able to stop the action, Matrix-style, and freeze everybody in place so he can walk through and get a closer look at which girls he wants to spend some quality time with.

For the second verse, we see yet another party, this time outside during the day with the skyline of Los Angeles behind him. Monroe ditches the suit for a flannel shirt and again freezes the crowd to scope out the bikini-clad ladies. Two huge parties in the same weekend? Monroe is the man.

‘Here With You’ will appear on the 23-year-old’s solo debut album, which he is still putting together. The song was produced by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic.

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