Foxes' music video for her latest single, "Feet Don't Fail Me Now," manages to maintain the track's uplifting message without relying on tired tropes to get the point across.

While keeping in line with the track's original theme of finding the strength to leave an abusive situation, the video focuses on a familial relationship and the difficulties that come with parental neglect. Foxes acts as a surrogate mother to her little brother, as their mother is a disaster train-wreck of a human being, suffering from her own undisclosed issues. None of the people in this family look related, by the way — but such is the nature of many gene pools, so we’re willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of art.

When Foxes isn't working her job as florist, she spends her time encouraging her little brother's love of dance. They take things to (literal) unsafe heights as he performs his own routines on rooftops, complete with jumps and flips. Eventually, we see him peering in through a glass window to watch a ballet class, desperate to join in.

With help from his big sis, the tiny dancer takes his chance to demonstrate his abilities full force at the dance studio one afternoon. A sole ballerina has lagged behind the rest of her class, all of whom seem to have vanished from the premises upon immediate dismissal, but it's a good thing she's sloth-like in collecting her things.

Foxes' brother immediately launches into his very own, self-choreographed dance, much to the delight of Slow-Moving Ballerina, who is visibly impressed. For a second we forget about the neglectful home-life Foxes' brother will eventually return to, but there's an optimism in the video's end, and at least he has his sister.

Check out Foxes' "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" video above.

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