A baby elephant named Batu is having the time of his life cooling off at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. The pool holds 50,000 gallons of water, and cost $1.8 million dollars to build, but whoever said swimming pools were cheap?

We never thought we'd be jealous of an elephant, but when even we can't find a way to beat the heat, being a baby pachyderm for a day looks very appealing.

According to Syracuse.com:

The  pool was two years in the making thanks to the Friends of the Zoo funding drive. The project represents a first of its kind in that the water bio-filtration system is self-contained and does not connect to municipal sewage treatment systems, said Ted Fox, Zoo Director.


Ironically, the pool officially opened on one of the hottest days of the year, so it looks like Baby Batu, Mommy Mali, and Gramma Targa will be sunning, swimming, and enjoying life for the rest of the summer.

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