After last week's fun of 'Would You Rather,' we decided to play another round of it. This time you get locked in a room with another person...

A Facebook post that was going around, sparked a 'Would You Rather' conversation last week. After having fun asking what you would give up, we decided to play again (and we'll probably continue playing 'Would You Rather' every week - because it's fun).

This week's 'Would You Rather,' may be a hard question for some people to answer - It may be hard to admit the truth... but let's play anyway.


So who would you rather be locked in a room with - your ex or your mother-in-law? Join the conversation! Tell us what you would choose in the 'comment section' below, or call in while we discuss this, during Your Workday Kick-Off with Matt and Naomi!

**Call in: (315) 721-0987




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