Another trend popping up for the holiday season, where guys are using ornaments to decorate their beard... And it looks just as ridiculous as it sounds.


No seriously, why? It seems like most people are so excited to jump onto the next big idea, that they're not stepping back to ask, "should we really do this?" And unlike the "nose hair extensions" being called a "thing" (even though no one in their right mind was walking around in public like that), these beard ornaments seem to be taking off more than expected. At least, more than I could've foreseen.

So if you haven't seen them yet, it's exactly what it sounds like. They're little Christmas ornaments that can be hung in a man's beard to make him "look festive for the holiday season." Just google "Beard Ornaments" and you'll see all the craziness that shows up.

As for catching on more than I expected? While looking up this holiday trend, I found numerous places selling these guys, and from many different companies. On top of that, there are a variety of different colors, shapes, styles and designs when it comes to decorating that facial hair.

And with more searching, I found that they're not just for Christmas either. Some of the brands have special ornaments for St. Patrick's Day and Halloween.

To each their own, I guess... But honestly, I think it looks ridiculous. The only time anyone should wear these is for an Ugly Sweater Party, or some place where you're trying to look obnoxious. But even at that, it is still pretty tacky.

What do you think about this trend? Is it as ridiculous as it sounds, or do you think it's festive?




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