Just because a person or handful of people do something different, unique, or weird, doesn't mean it's "a thing." Can we stop saying that about everything?!

The latest trend being called "a thing" is nostril hair extensions. Articles all over the internet are talking about how "Nose Hair is a Thing, and We're Losing Our Minds," or "Nostril Hair Extensions Are a Thing and We Love It," or whatever else they want to say about this stupid trend that NO ONE is doing. Okay, so you have a handful of people doing it, and they're posting the pics on Instagram. But that doesn't make it "a thing."

Can we stop using that terminology for every single trend a person does? Squiggly eyebrows are NOT a thing, and they never wore. Again, yes some people posted pictures on Instagram of them with this weird makeup idea, and even Instagram models have been seen with this one, but it doesn't make it "a thing." You won't see people walking around in public with nostril hair extensions or squiggly eyebrows.

Don't get me started on that Beachtail jewelry that dangles from your bathing suit bottoms. Again, it's not "a thing."

I know I'm ranting and raving here, but I'm tired of seeing every other article online saying that something stupid is "a thing." Are we all so desperate to land the actual "next big thing," that we're willing to vouch for anything and everything that is new, even if it's dumb.

***There is ONLY a few times when "a thing" should be considered correct and that's when it really is something up-and-coming and has taken off in a group setting. If you ask 20 people if they know what a certain trend is, if 15 of them say "yes," then okay, it can be considered "a thing." Or if a fast food place in Japan offers a delicious treat that's not available in the US, it can be considered "a thing," because there is a huge population that has been exposed to it.

Again, I'm sorry I've ranted and raved about this for so long. In the end, does it really matter? No. You can call whatever you want "a thing," it's not my business. But man, that did feel good to get out.





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