Believe 271 got its start back in 2013 after Deputy Fire Coordinator Brian McQueen was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Brian's story is quite inspirational and selfless. When two firefighters from Barneveld approached him, they suggested that he sell helmet stickers to help cover his astronomical medical expenses. Brian had a bigger plan in mind though, instead of trying to raise money to just help him, he advocated for others:

He said he would rather "take this to the next level". "Make it a little bit bigger, a little bit better, and help out other fire departments and other fire members. (

Brian's act of benevolence proved to be a winning one. Today, Believe 271 is actively battling and defeating cancer for emergency service personnel all over the greater Mohawk Valley.

The mission of Believe 271 is quite simple, but also so important:

To provide financial assistance to Volunteer Firefighters, EMT's and members of Ladies Auxiliary in Oneida and Herkimer County who suffer from a life threatening illness, such as cancer.

Each day, our devoted and courageous men and women are lending their lives to us right here in Central New York. They're on call 24/7 to ensure our safety and well being. They're saving our lives, while putting their own at risk. They're fighting fires and battling blazes and they're always there for us in our time of need.

We can support them too! Chances are you know someone in your family who is or has battled cancer. We know from experience just how awful this disease is. Please consider supporting our local emergency service personnel by checking out their FACEBOOK PAGE or by purchasing a sticker on their website: BELIEVE 271.

Just Jen and I talked about Believe 271 this morning. Click the PURPLE tab to hear the audio clip