The Great New York State Fair is going on right now in Syracuse. We want to know what you look forward to the most...

It is a tradition for a lot of New York families - Heading to the New York State Fair every year. Whether you're an "every year" fair goer, or you just go once in a while, we want to know what you like best!

...Well, Naomi Lynn is curious about what you like the best - She's hoping to make it out to the fair this year, but she wants to make sure she sees the most important parts of the fair. She knows there's not enough to see it all in one day, but she wants to know what she HAS to make time for.

So what do you like the best? Is it the food? Is it the free concerts? Maybe it's one of the exhibits or the piglet races Naomi has been hearing so much about. We want to know what you like! You can vote in the poll below and tell us. There is also a spot to enter your own answer (which is great if you want to get specific about a food or exhibit, or if we left something out).

You can also leave a note in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page, or leave us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.



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