Whether you're looking to pick up dessert for the whole family, or you're just looking for a little treat for yourself, these are the places that offer some of the BEST goodies in our area.

Sweet Escape Chocolate Lounge

Whether you just want to grab a chocolate dipped pretzel and go, or you want to get a whole box of goodies to bring back to the office (or home), Sweet Escape Chocolate Lounge is a great option. They have tons of treats to pick from and you can choose from their dessert counter, or pick up an already created dessert box. They carry chocolate dipped cookies, truffles, chocolates, cupcakes, peanut butter bars, bonbons, and so much more. They're located at 252 Genesee Street in Utica.
Must Try Treat: 4-pack mixed chocolates box

 Caruso's Pastry Shoppe

Head to Caruso's Pastry Shoppe on Bleecker Street in Utica for all your dessert needs. From lobster tails to pusties and everything in between, Caruso's has you covered. And they have a very high rating on their Facebook Page, so you KNOW people love them. Try one treat and you'll know why. They put care and effort into all their desserts, and it shows. I was fortunate to try them for the first time a few weeks ago, and wish I would have tried them sooner.
Must Try Treat: Chocolate Cannoli Cake

Bite Bakery and Cafe

This is a great place to stop on your lunch break or before you head into work (and get your day started with a treat). You'll find Bite Bakery and Cafe at 53 Franklin Square in Utica. If you're looking for something like cupcakes, brownies, or cheesecake, they have you covered. But they also carry tasty treats like cinnamon buns, cream puffs, and donuts. They even carry safe-to-eat, raw cookie dough.
Must Try Treat: Cannoli

Desserts Beyond the Ordinary

You can definitely pick up a treat to share at Desserts Beyond the Ordinary. Bring home one of their divine cheesecakes like the banana coconut cream, red velvet, or mocha chocolate. If you're not up for a cheesecake, don't worry they have tons of other treats like layered cakes (mmhhm... Chocolate Godiva), cannolis, pusties, eclairs, or even chocolate cream puffs. Desserts Beyond the Ordinary is located at 24 Bank Place in Utica.
Must Try Treat: Peanut Butter Pusties




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