Teenage drivers are known to be bad drivers - they're new at it, distractions come easy, and what not, but according to a new report the best teen drivers in the nation are right here in New York!

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Teen drivers are the highest at risk for crashes, and motor accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers 16 to 19. Plus teenage drivers have the most costs when it comes to driving. According to WalletHub,

Although 15- to 24-year-olds make up only 14 percent of the population, they rack up nearly a third of all costs resulting from motor vehicle injuries. That’s not counting the costs of auto maintenance, insurance premiums, possible traffic citations and other vehicular incidents...

With all this bad news about younger drivers, there's got to be some good news somewhere, right? Well, WalletHub has compiled a whole bunch of data from all 50 states, that analyzes teen drivers. They looked at the number of teen driver fatalities, impaired driving laws, the cost of car repairs, and other factors to find where the best teen drivers are.

According to all their research these states have the best teen drivers:

1 - New York

2 - Oregon

3 - Massachusetts

4 - Hawaii

5 - Delaware

New York has the second lowest premium increase after adding a teen driver to an insurance policy. They were also number two in the nation when it came to the least teen fatalities in accidents.

Out of curiosity, I had to see where Michigan fell on the list. Not surprising, it was in the middle at 23. And unfortunately for South Dakota - they sit at the last spot, number 50.


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