It has been said time and time again - There is more to New York besides New York City. Here's more proof of that... Here's some of the biggest cities across the state.

Sure, you could probably guess a few of the big ones - some of them are pretty obvious. But did you know Utica is one of the biggest cities in New York? What about Mount Vernon towards the bottom of the state?

This is the list of the biggest cities (when it comes to population) in New York - Except for New York City - We already know that's the biggest city. The population numbers are from 2011, so some of the numbers have changed, but not enough to make that big of a difference.

1 - Buffalo, New York. Population: 261,025

2 - Rochester, New York. Population: 210,855

3 - Yonkers, New York. Population: 197,399

4 - Syracuse, New York. Population: 145, 151

5 - Albany, New York. Population: 97,660

6 - New Rochelle, New York. Population: 77,606

7 - Mount Vernon, New York. Population: 67,780

8 - Schenectady, New York. Population: 66,273

9 - Utica, New York. Population: 62,110

10 - White Plains, New York. Population: 57,258

Rome, New York didn't quite make the list - They came in at #14 with a population of 33,660. Which isn't too bad, considering there are 61 cities in New York (again, not counting New York City - The world already knows they're #1 in population).

Three of the Top 10 are also located near the southern part of the state - near New York City, so it's no wonder why their populations are so high. Those three include Yonkers, New Rochelle, and White Plains.




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