Blu Cantrell was reportedly taken into custody for psychiatric evaluation after she ran through a California neighborhood, claiming people were trying to kill her.

According to TMZ, at approximately 2AM PST on Sept. 3, Blu was spotted in a Santa Monica, Calif. neighborhood screaming that someone gave her "poisonous gas." Eventually, a witness called the police.

Sources tell TMZ that when confronted by the authority, Blu referred to herself as a "one-hit wonder" and allegedly attempted to use her fame to her advantage. The singer, whose real name is Tiffany Cobb, is most commonly known for her 2001 song, 'Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!).'

TMZ reports that Blu was checked by doctors at a nearby hospital, although the site has yet to confirm her current condition. We're keeping her in our thoughts during this time.

Blu was nominated for her third Grammy in 2003, but she has been absent from the spotlight since her 2008 appearance on NBC's reality show 'Celebrity Circus.'

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