2014 is going to be a year of less pain for my son Mark. In early 2013 he had a sports injury. He came down hard on his wrist while playing basketball and so an x-ray was needed. It showed no break, yet after months of wearing a brace, he still was in tremendous pain.

One Spring day we were chopping firewood and when he screamed out in pain, I knew the x-ray must of been wrong.

I heard on Lite 98.7 an advertisement for the sports medicine doctors on Middle Settlement Road and so we set up an appointment with Doctor Patalino. He ordered an MRI and soon the break was found. Because the injury wasn't treated right away, surgery was needed.  We finally got the call we were waiting for...surgery was set for Tuesday December 24th.  I snapped a few photos of the process for you to enjoy, but let me warn you that the final picture is graphic (the scar).

Happy New Year ! Here's to a year of a pain free wrist for my son.


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