Tori Spelling was rushed to the hospital after she fell on a hibachi grill while eating lunch with her family.

The 41-year-old actress was exiting a Benihana Restaurant in Encino, Calif., after having lunch with her family, when she reportedly tripped and fell onto one of the grills. According to the Daily Mail, Tori's heel caught on something, causing her to trip and fall. A source reportedly said, "Tori had been laughing and having fun with her family at Easter brunch. When she got up to leave and tripped, falling backwards on to a scorching hot grill. She shouted out in pain from a large burn on the back of her right arm."

The source went on to say that it was obvious Tori was in pain, but she kept it together for her children. The source said, "You could tell she was hurting, but she was trying to put on a brave face for the sake of her four young children who were quite obviously worried. Dean looked upset too, but you could tell they were doing their best to stay calm and not alarm the children."

Tori reportedly tried to take matters into her own hands by dealing with the burn on her own at home, but eventually was seen by a doctor at the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, Calif. She was allegedly told that severe infection and scarring could occur if she prolonged treatment. A source said, "She underwent a skin graft last week and must now spend several days recuperating. Friends are praying for her to make a full recovery."

We wish Tori all the best and hope she sees a speedy recovery.

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