Actress Tori Spelling was taken to the Cedars Sinai Hospital this past Saturday (Oct. 18), due to a cough so powerful she was nearly rendered unconscious from it.

The former 'Beverly Hills: 90210' actress was admitted to the hospital when she had a coughing fit that caused her to lose her breath. US Magazine reports Tori was allegedly admitted for severe bronchitis and pneumonia. Doctors took every precaution when the star was first admitted, quarantining her from other patients until they were able to properly diagnose her.

TMZ first reported the news that the actress was hospitalized, complete with a headline that read: "Tori Spelling Quarantined Like An Ebola Patient." Thankfully, she has not been infected with the lethal virus.

Tori has been forced to cancel an upcoming appearance promoting the second season of her reality show 'True Tori,' as she is reportedly expected to stay in the hospital through the rest of the week.

We wish you a quick recovery, Tori!

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