You know those moments, where it just seems like your brain isn't working. Maybe you couldn't find your keys because you left them in the door the night before, or you can't figure out something you KNOW you know how to do...

Hey, it happens to us all.

We can't find our phone and we search for a good five minutes before we realize we're talking to someone on it. We stare at word for a minute because it doesn't look like it's spelled right and for the life of you, you can't figure out how to spell a word you KNOW how to spell.

It's these moments when our brain just isn't working... or not working as well as it should be. Sometimes it's just one incident, sometimes it's a whole day filled with all these blunders. But hey, we're only human... It happens.

I actually had a ridiculous case of the "brain not working" at work the other day. I went to the fridge in our break room to get my lunch that I had put in the bottom drawer, but I could not figure out how to open up the drawer (okay, before you start really laying on the "How can someone be so dumb?!" Watch the video at the top of this page, it wasn't as simple as it looked). Fine. It was simple, but it wasn't something I was used to, so it kind of caught me off guard. Again, my brain just wasn't working... It happens.

Well, that leads us into our topic for today. I want to hear your stories of when you had a case of your "brain not working." Whether it was a whole day of issues, or one simple thing where you couldn't believe you just did that, or couldn't believe you couldn't figure something out. Did you search your whole house for your keys, only to realize they were in your hand the whole time? Did you have to go through a metal detector and forget to pick up all your metal items you put in the basket?

We want to hear your stories! We'll be talking about it during your More Music Morning Show. You can call in your stories: (315) 721-0987
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