As Hurricane Harvey lashed at the Texas coast, Ken and Peggy Morra thought they'd be safe in their Dickinson, Texas home. They were wrong.

Ken is the brother of New Hartford resident Greg Morra, who was rightfully concerned about his family as forecasts about Hurricane Harvey became more and more dire. He kept in touch with his sibling and his wife via Facebook.

After initially thinking they would be able to ride out the hurricane and the subsequent devastating rainfall, at 5:15 am on August 27th, Peggy, his sister-in-law, posted that things had taken a turn for the worse in their Dickinson, Texas neighborhood:

 "It's not a good day when you have to call 911 to be rescued. House and cars flooded".

As Ken and Peggy waited for rescue, the floodwaters continues to rise. Ken and Peggy fled to a neighbor's house, that had an attic - providing another level to flee to as the water filled the first floor of their home.

Three hours later, the water was had risen further, and authorities were advising residents not to shelter in attics, lest they drown in their owns homes. Instead, officials advised that people flee to the roofs of their homes and wave sheets or other items to attract attention. Peggy, Ken, their neighbors and their pets all made their to way to the roof. Greg related the development on Facebook:

From my sister in law Peggy Morra moments ago: "We are on the roof waiting for rescue".

That rescue, however, would not come quickly. Emergency responders were overwhelmed by the enormity of the disaster. Over 1,000 people have been rescued so far, with many regular citizens taking their own watercraft - boats, kayaks and canoes - to rescue friends and strangers alike.

Time passed.

Peggy wrote: We are still on roof, 12 hours of soaking wet. I am cold with coat on

Finally, after what seemed like an interminable time on their neighbor's roof, cold and wet, rescuers arrived by boat. Peggy and Ken were able to board a bus to Galveston, to stay with friends.

...rescued after 13 hours on the roof with neighbors and dogs in Dickinson Texas. Stood on I-45 for 1.5 hours. Bus to Galveston and staying with friends.

Greg Morra says he will get to Dickinson to help his family as soon as he is able. His brother and sister-in-law, like many in the Galveston area, have lost everything in the catastrophic flooding - but they escaped with their lives. Unfortunately, many have not been as lucky.

How can you help? The Red Cross is taking donations to their flood relief efforts, which experts say could take years.



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