Last week, disturbing video showing a Southern California water agency director beating his step-son with a belt surfaced on YouTube. Now that man, Anthony Sanchez, has stepped down from his post.

Sanchez’s neighbor filmed the incident in which Sanchez, 34, whipped his stepson for dropping a ball during a game of catch. The neighbor yelled at him to stop, then called police and later posted the video online.

Sanchez was arrested two days later on suspicion of felony child abuse, prompting more than 1,000 residents to sign an online petition asking that he be recalled from his position as the director of the Imperial County Irrigation District — and on Saturday, Sanchez resigned from the elected job he’s held since 2006.

His attorney, Ryan Childers, pointed out that no charges have been filed yet but added, “Obviously with the circumstances surrounding the criminal investigation it’s going to be important that he focus his time and energy on the charges he’s facing and beginning to rebuild his life with his family.”

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