A sad story out of Houston Texas, where a child has passed away after having severe burns after being put into an oven this past Monday.

According to Texas Child Protective Services, a toddler has sadly died from severe burns this past Monday, November 16th 2015. It is being said that this child was put into an oven by one of the childs 3-year-old siblings. This all happened while the children were left alone in their Houston apartment.

It is reported that court documents were obtained showing that 19-month-old J’zyra Thompson’s two siblings had told CPS investigators that one of them had put that young child into the oven and then the other child turned it on.

Police believe the child that was put into the oven was one of four children who were left alone Monday by their mother and her boyfriend.

According to court records, the two 3-year-olds didn't exactly say they turned it on, however they did say it in 3 year old talk, telling the CPS workers they made the oven “hot.” They also went on to say the baby was kicking the oven door while inside.

CPS workers say in court documents that charges are expected to be filed.


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