You've probably been involved at a CNY pay-it-forward chain. Maybe it happened for a few cars at Dunkin' Donuts, or McDonald's. However many cars paid-it-forward, you probably didn't beat the streak that happened at a McDonald's.

A Missouri McDonald's had 125 customers pay-it-forward. That's 125 people who paid for the meal of the person behind them. With all the negativity and political debate raging lately, isn't it nice to see people being kind to each other?

What happened with car 126? Maybe they were just having an off day.

While the people in Missouri are pretty nice, wouldn't it be great if CNYers could beat this streak? In a community as generous as ours, I'm betting it wouldn't even be that challenging.

What do you think? Can CNY beat the pay-it-forward streak? Let us know!



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