I’ve heard people argue about this forever – whether you could possibly dream that you die, or will you always wake up before you die in the dream. Oh, and of course the scary superstition that if you do actually die in your dream, then you won’t wake up.


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Well, I have the answer for you.

I have some of the most ridiculous dreams ever, really. I wonder where my brain comes up with half this stuff (granted, I can tell why and how I got the info in some of my dreams – sometimes it’s just obvious). Anyway, I’ve had a lot of dreams, that in them I come close to dying. Whether it’s an accident, murder, or me being the klutz I am, and falling to my death. In all those dreams, I always wake up, before I actually die.

Not anymore, though.


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I had one of the most bizarre, vivid dreams I had ever had in my life. Now, I’ll do my best to keep this short. There was a railroad crossing, and a train going by while I was driving on some road. I was pulling up to the railroad crossing, but there was one car in front of me (who was also pulling up to the crossing). The car in front of me didn’t stop though, they were texting and driving (I don’t know how I know that one, but that was the case). The other car hit the train, but somehow ended up smashing backwards into me. However this happened, the car landed on top of my car, and somehow decapitated me. Seriously, there was nothing left of my head. The passenger in my car started screaming – and I could see everything happening as I ‘flew’ out of the scene. No really, it was like I left my view, and all of a sudden saw my body there and just kept ‘zooming out’ upwards.

I died in that dream.

And yet, here I am, telling you this story. So, of course the superstition saying if you die in a dream you die in real life isn’t true. But on top of that, it is possible to die in your dreams.

Now you know.