This week's 'Would You Rather' question is all about fears and dreams and it's definitely a tough one.

We'll give you plenty of time to think about the "Would You Rather" question we have for you this week. The majority of our questions are pretty silly, or weird situations having to deal with winning the lottery, or superpowers and skills you would rather have. This week's question is pretty deep.

It may take more thought than our usual questions, but that will make this more interesting. If you want, you can share your answer on our Facebook Page: Lite 98.7 - That way you can explain the reason for why you chose what you did.

Alright - Here's today's question:

Would You Rather: Accomplish your biggest dream
- OR - Overcome your biggest fear?

...We told you it was tough.

Go ahead and take some time to think about it...


Now, let us know what you decided! You can vote in our poll below:



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