It's another 'New to Naomi.' This weekend I checked out a new area - Canadarago Lake, and took on a new adventure, something I've never done before - kayaking.


Canadarago Lake Sign
Naomi Lynn/TSM

I needed to get outside again this weekend. With all the beautiful weather we've been having, I just couldn't waste it! I took a drive out to Canadarago Lake to try kayaking for the first time, check out the island in the middle of the lake, and just enjoy being outside and soaking up that sunshine.

I'm happy to report I never tipped over in my kayak. If you know how much of a klutz and how 'off-balanced' I am, you know how much of an accomplishment that is!


Unfortunately, there wasn't much exploring on the island. There were tons of geese there, and well, they didn't like us poking around. So it looks like I'll have to head to the island again sometime, and hopefully get a chance to walk the paths.


The view on the lake was breath-taking. That's one thing I think I'll never get sick of out here - the scenery. Every area I go to just leaves me in awe. There's so many hidden treasures in this area, and I can't wait to explore them all!




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