Well if you have to choose a place to total your car, perhaps a new car dealer might be, surprisingly, the best possible place.

A car accident at Carbone Nissan on Commercial Drive in Yorkville in the winter of 2015 proves that accidents are just that and good things can come from them.

Kristen was driving down Commercial Drive during a bad snow storm when the accident occured and damanged a vechile on the lot as well as the businesses sign. Here's how Kristen told the story on Facebook,

The staff that morning rushed to my aid and made sure I was okay. The guys brought me inside and took care of the rest and assured me that everything was going to be fine even though i was apologizing up and down about the damage I did to their property. I had never been in an accident before and was happy that I was surrounded by an awesome staff. Since I was then car-less, everyone at Nissan pulled together to make sure I got a wonderful deal on a safe SUV including side airbags ( they would have been helpful during the accident). As bad as the circumstances, I am very happy I got to meet the wonderful Carbone Nissan Staff. They certainly know how to take care of their customers!

Carbone Nissan's Doug Risucci replied, "snowflakes the size of baseballs that morning. Cars and signs can be replaced , friends and family can't . It was great to meet you that morning and help you , it was our pleasure. Thanks for the being a special customer."

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