Driving a brand new car is such an amazing thing. So bright and shiny, everything's so clean. And it just feels "tight". But with a new car comes added responsibility. Just how fast should you drive? Is it better to drive on the highway or around town? How often should you need to add oil? And how long should you follow these "break-in" rules?

We took a look at the 2017 Nissan Altima Owner's Manual. It is probably very similar for other Nissan models (you can find other Nissan owner's manuals at their website). The recommended break-in period for the Altima is 1200 miles. As for speed, Nissan says "avoid driving for long periods at constant speed, either fast or slow." The point is, city driving will put your car through a variety of RPM's. While it does not expressly say that highway driving is out, it definitely seems best to avoid long trips. Additionally, they recommend not running the engine over 4000 RPM, so keep an eye on the tachometer especially if you're driving a standard.

Here are some other comments from Nissan:

Do not accelerate at full throttle in any gear. Avoid quick starts. Avoid hard braking as much as possible. Do not tow a trailer for the first 500 miles. Your engine, axle or other parts could be damaged. (2017 Nissan Altima Owner's Manual)

As far as oil changes go, Nissan recommends every 5000 miles or 6 months and they do not mention any special changes to that schedule as you break in your new vehicle. You should still check the oil level - it may not be unusual to have to add a little oil during the break-in period, depending on driving conditions.

Happy driving!

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