It probably started off as just another normal day, taking the glider out for a nice fly. Well, apparently they had a surprise guest on their flight - a little cat!

This video has been blowing up on YouTube in the last 24 hours - and there's no surprise why. It just seems like a regular gliding video (at first). A woman is taking a nice ride around the area. But it's what joined them for this ride that's making such a big deal. A cat decided to hide away on the glider, and no one realized it was there!

It's not until the middle of the flight, does the cat poke its head out, and they realize they have an extra guest on their flight. Big congrats to the pilot, though. He's able to land the glider and get the cat down safely without any issues.

Melts your heart, right?! I guess the next time this pilot takes the glider out, he's probably going to do a bigger check of everything - and make sure there's no extra guests again!



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