Meet the Clonan siblings of Cazenovia. Caitlin, 21, Carson, 20, Lily, 15, and Luke, 13, were inconvenienced with not having summer jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic - so they created their own ice cream truck business instead. It's called Lickety Split.

"We also had a lot of free time to plan and fix up an old truck during quarantine, and we realized that we each had something to contribute. And honestly, when we first started planning, we had some unusually warm spring weather and we thought [about] all the kids stuck at home and how much fun it would be to brighten up their days with ice cream," Caitlyn told Eagle News Online.

Each of the siblings took on a different role. Caitlin is the business leader, leading all of the marketing and design. Carson took on the task of converting the family pickup into the ice cream truck (which was a lot more work than they had anticipated.) Lily took charge of social media and sales, and Luke is the primary salesman.

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“Our soft opening went really well,” Caitlin said. “The first responders and healthcare workers loved our idea and, of course, the free ice cream. We even went up to Cazenovia Animal Hospital, because they took care of our dog during COVID. We were glad to give back to the community after so long in quarantine . . . Since the idea came to us because of the COVID crisis, we thought that serving the front-line workers would be appropriate.”

The Clonan siblings got help and advice from their parents, as well as community members to launch their business - while getting all of the necessary permits. Since their launch on June 20th, they've been hard at work keeping themselves and customers safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They wear gloves and mask while serving, stocking the freezers, etc. They are also consistently using wipes and sanitizer on the truck.Customers are asked to maintain social distancing measures while waiting in line or approaching the truck.

You can find out all of the details about the business or to track the truck’s location by visiting the Lickety Split website.

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