Syracuse will be the first city in America to try out a new system that spots the city's potholes using truck mounted cameras. Will Utica follow suit? 

For the most part, city government relies on word of mouth information regarding the area's potholes. The system is relatively accurate, however, a new technology will soon identify all of the craters with pin point accuracy. According to

The project will allow DPW workers to take a more proactive, data-driven approach to repairing roads, rather than relying on subjective reports from motorists and employees, Miner said.

The device is called a SQUID: Street Quality Identification Device.

Here's how it works: The camera snaps a picture, while simultaneously recording the roughness of the road. Next, the workers will be able to locate the potholes using color coded maps. One of the positive attributes of this new gizmo is, it's inexpensive.

Hopefully, if all goes well in Syracuse, Utica will follow suit, and help to eradicate the pothole problem once and for all, or at least one crater at a time.

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