Spring is here and the love birds are chirping! See where these Central New York couples first met years ago!

Just Jen and I chatted about the crazy world of dating today. She asked me if couples still met in "old fashioned ways;"  like grocery store lines, the post office, or the gas station. Perhaps, but it seems to me, the way to meet a potential mate is via the dating websites.

Here are a few examples of Central New York couples who originally met the "old fashioned" way! I've left off their last names to preserve their anonymity.

Ken & Marsha from Frankfort

These two love birds met up years ago at (the old) Chanatry's located off of Culver Avenue in Utica. Ken was stocking up on groceries for his bachelor pad (mainly olives,) when he met his future wife in the canned soup section. Ken approached his pretty bride to be and asked her: "is it true that tomato soup and grilled cheese go really good together?" She reciprocated with a smile and an "absolutely!"  Four months later they said their "I do's". Today, the couple remains happily married, and in the words of Ken: "things are mmm mmm good!."

Robert and Brenda from Syracuse

This couple met while working at the Carrier Corporation fourteen years ago. Brenda was handling administrative responsibilities and Robert was working with his hands. Apparently he was also working on perfecting his love game too. One day during lunch, Robert offered to share his Pringles with her and she accepted. One year later they were married. Hopefully they scored a couple of air conditioners while working at Carrier, because after all these years, their passionate romance is still hot, hot, hot!

Darren and Joanna from Whitesboro

This was a match made in heaven from the start. Or should I say a match made in heavenly hash? These two met at Friendly's at Sangertown Square more than a decade ago. Joanna was the cute waitress and Darren was the gentleman with a craving for his for his favorite marshmallow and chocolate ice cream.  The moment these two locked eyes they both knew it was meant to be. Darren asked for Joanna's phone number, wrote it on a napkin, and the rest is cherry jubilee!

Do you have an interesting love story? Please share it with us!

Here's Just Jen and I chatting about dating perplexities in 2015!



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