Whether you know this or not, Naomi Lynn is a terrible cook. Chef Amy from the Taste of Home Cooking School decided to give her some pointers to help her become better.

Chef Amy From the 2015 Taste of Home Cooking School
Lite987WLZW via YouTube

I'm a terrible cook, I really am. I have the rare skill of being able to ruin any dish - including macaroni and cheese (ask me about it sometime, it's a great story). Last week at the Taste of Home Cooking School at Turning Stone, Chef Amy gave me some tips and tricks to help me get started on my cooking journey.

Chef Amy and I talked about making Lasagna - pretty challenging for a beginner, right? Well, Chef Amy was able to give me some advice so that I could create my own homemade lasagna - without messing it up! Check out the video below:


Chef Amy made a great point when it comes to cooking - that a lot of it is just smoke and mirrors. I have to admit, looking at a recipe would get pretty intimidating to me, but now I know I can do it. As long as I follow the directions (and look up any 'terms' or such I don't understand), I should be fine!




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