In a matter of seconds, a child can be seriously injured or even killed while playing around the house. Debbie and Scott Deming from Syracuse, experienced that tragedy first hand - Now they're on a mission to educate the public. They're armed with their knowledge, and a solution to prevent accidents from happening.

Debbie and Scott Deming joined us on the Workday Kick-Off on Lite 98.7, to share their story. A sad story - that most people may look at as a freak accident. But the truth is, it's more common than you may think. Their granddaughter lost her life (just before her second birthday), when a piece of furniture tipped over on her.

Such a sad, heartbreaking story, but now Debbie and Scott are determined to not only educate the public on how common and how easily these accidents happen, but they also have a solution - and they give it away for free.

It's sad to think that something so general, something you see everyday (but don't really think about), can become such a serious hazard for a young child. Debbie and Scott are actively trying to get the message out there so this doesn't happen to anyone else. You can get more information on their story, their granddaughter's story, information on tip-over prevention, and home safety tips, all on their website:

You can also get the furniture straps for free (Yes, they really are free, it's not a gimmick - They care more about keeping families safe, than making some extra cash) - on their website here.




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