Restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is reportedly scouting locations for their first location in Upstate New York.

The chain known for its chicken sandwiches currently has just one location in the state, Manhattan restaurant at New York University. According to the Albany Business Journal, while the chain is scouting, it's too soon to say they're coming,

"We are currently researching sites in the Albany market, but at this time we have no sites," said Brenda D. Morrow, spokeswoman for the chain based in suburban Atlanta. "A bit premature."

Upstate New York has been a market targeted by other restaurant chains based in the Southern United States. Oklahoma-based Sonic Drive-In is in the process of opening several locations to add to the current Birmingham restaurant. Up next for Sonic in New York state are new stores in Albany, Syracuse and what will be the chain's largest restaurant in the Buffalo area.

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