Chipotle and partner Tapingo has begun delivery services to some college campuses around America. Sadly for Central New York students, neither Syracuse University nor Utica College are in the list.

In New York State, only NYU students will be able to have Chipotle delivered. While the delivery is marketed towards college students, Chipotle's delivery partner, app-maker Tapingo says their service is open to anyone, a representative telling,

"The beauty of Tapingo is that it's a free app in the AppStore and on Google Play," Tapingo public relations manager Leanne Reis said. "Anyone can download the app and use it, so if you are located near one of our Chipotle partners, you can be a Tapingoer, whether or not you're a student! We're carefully selecting delivery zones that will maintain high efficiency. We will maintain optimal delivery zones for all of our users."

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