There is no question that, when done right, college is fun. It's also expensive and takes a lot of work. What classes actually pay off in the real world?

It would be nice if, when you got through college, that you actually had something to show for it other than a bunch of fun memories and tens of thousands of dollars of student loans.

Here are some classes from that you should definitely take (or should have taken) while in college that will help you start the "real life" :

  • Economics- Every functioning adult should know the basics of banking and accounting. Not knowing this stuff pretty much guarantees that you will be making very expensive mistakes.
  • Public Speaking- Many big moments in your life will depend on your ability to make presentations. Again, money is at stake.
  • Nutrition- You will be taking your body when you leave college and enter "real life." You might as well learn all you can about feeding and caring for that body.
  • Foreign Language- Pick one. Spanish, Italian, Chinese, sign language, you can't lose. Being bilingual is a useful skill to list on a resume.

What classes did you, or do you find useful?