On Friday (9/8/17) Clinton parents were alerted to reports of a suspicious vehicle driving around the village. Facebook, Twitter and text messages were flying around the community asking what happened. Now we learn there was no threat to anyone at all.

A letter was released from Clinton School Superintendent Dr. Stephen Grimm on Friday stating that a driver, observed on Chestnut Street, stopped in front of a driveway and whistled to a student waiting for the bus. When the student ran back to a parent, the car drove away.

Later on Friday, the Superintendent released another statement saying Kirkland Police had identified that the driver was legitimately looking for another resident on the street and meant no harm. Grimm noted the incident was not a threat.

Clinton Elementary School
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One result of the incident was that the elementary school pickup location moved. According to Grimm,

We will continue with the new parent pick up location in the old gym until further notice.  The Building Safety Team will evaluate the process and make a determination/ recommendation as to whether or not it should remain in place as a safer practice for all involved. (Superintendent Stephen Grimm)

It is important to report anything suspicious to the authorities. Thanks to the quick response by the authorities in this case, the situation was resolved before the end of the day. Superintendent Grimm informed the school community the same day as well. However, this story illustrates how quickly gossip and rumors spread thanks to social media. Many people in the community outside of Clinton were only aware that something had happened, and had no idea that there was no cause for alarm. That is why it's always important to check additional sources before jumping to conclusions.


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