Syracuse based musician Steven T. Winston recently went out to the van where his band keeps their musical equipment to find a guitar player's worst nightmare. His van had been robbed of his prize guitar, and his band's gear.

Winston plays in the band Los Blancos in and around Syracuse.

In a Facebok post, Winston said he initially thought the thieves failed to take any instruments, but soon discovered his Rainsong Acoustic guitar was gone along with some of the band's equipment and another of his priceless possessions.

Well, I was wrong. They did get something I can't replace. My lyric binder was in the guitar case. Virtually everything I have ever written, or been working on, is in that book. Can't even breath[e] right now. I am officially heartbroken.

He then posted a list of all the items missing and their descriptions:

  • small, plastic cabinet PA speaker with "RAMSA" spray painted on the grill
  • small, black rolling "crafter bag" with built luggage handles (about the size of a rolling carry-on), full of cables and tools
  • Jensen front end PA speaker
  • Mackie 808M 8-channel mono powered mixer
  • Fender Rumble 100 bass combo amp
  • black carbon graphite Rainsong acoustic guitar

Winston has posted fliers, contacted police and his post has been shared hundreds of times on social media. You can see a pic of him playing the Rainsong guitar on his Facebook page.

He is asking anyone who would like to help to keep a look out on Craigslist and at local pawn shops for the gear.

The most notable thing if you see anything fitting the description around the local pawn shops and craig's list, is that no one ever sells just one of the cabinets. They are sold in pairs 99.99% of the time, so if you see just one, PLEASE message/call me and tell me where.

Anyone with information on Mr. Winston and Los Blancos' gear is asked to contact him through his Facebook page, or call Syracuse Police.

Keep your eyes peeled and let's try to help Steven and Los Blancos get their things back.


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