History and the paranormal are two subjects that are very closely connected. People who consider the paranormal often feel that if a location has historic significance, it means that it is also haunted. While this is not always true, it is accurate often enough to make historic sites very appealing to those with an interest in the paranormal.

Those interested in the paranormal are very lucky if they happen to live in Central New York. It has a rich history spanning many centuries. Some of the historic events that have taken place in our area are widely known outside of our region. Ask any historian about the Battle of Oriskany or the Erie Canal, and they can recount the many dramatic events associated with these aspects of our nation’s history.

Part of appreciating the paranormal is learning to look for the subtle history that surrounds us at all times. Take a drive down Genesee Street and look at all the old houses that have been converted into businesses, or look at some of the old abandoned warehouses that are scattered throughout Utica. They may not be nationally known, but they contain a subtle form of history. And who knows? They may also be haunted…

[Contributed By NY Shadow Chasers.]