It's a proud moment in a parent's life when their child finally leaves the nest and heads out on their own...unless they don't.

That's exactly the situation facing a set of Camillus parents are facing: they're asking a court to intervene to evict their 30-year-old son from their home. According to court documents shared by, Mark and Christina Rotondo have been trying to formally evict their son, Michael, from their home since early February 2018.

In a series of letters provided to the court, posted by, Mark and Christina reference Michael's lack of a job, his broken down car that they say is sitting on ramps in their driveway, and his refusal to make any moves to actually...y'know...move out. Mark and Christina have even offered to give Michael money to help him find a place and fix his car.

Obviously, this is a pretty awkward situation for the family - and undoubtedly makes things around the house pretty tense - and now that it's been made public, it's likely a source of embarrassment for the parents, and possibly Michael as well. 

The comments on the story are even more fascinating - some folks are accusing the parents of coddling their son (which is why he doesn't want to move out), others are suggesting the parents shouldn't have made the situation public, and still others say it's society that's caused the 30-year-old Michael to stay stuck at home.

What do you think is reasonable age to move out of your parent's house? When did you move out? Whose responsible for Michael's failure to get his life together at 30 years old? 






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