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If It Was Today
Don't get me wrong, I love my parents dearly, and they did a pretty darn good job raising 3 boys during the tough economic times of the 70s. Inspired by something I saw from ABC News, here a few things my parents did back then that could get them in serious trouble today.
Girl Stuck In Washing Machine
How does this happen? How does a 5-year-old girl in Texas manage to climb into a washing machine and spin around and around before someone notices? She was spinning on high for several minutes!. Police don't know how the girl ended up in the machine or who was watching her at the laundromat, bu…
Lego Store as Babysitter? [VIDEO]
Here is a chance to salute our son's babysitters. Both Amy and Marcella do a fantastic job with Dylan and they are worth every penny we pay. It seems that this Hempstead, New York mom was looking for good help as well, but she just didn't feel like paying for it. She's in big trouble …
Worst Mom Ever? [VIDEO]
Is she the worst mom ever or, is she just chuckling at an everyday childhood mishap? Mom, Ciera Ison, uploaded a 52-second video of her three-year-old daughter at a county fair, struggling with a human hamster wheel like ride that we've all seen in a fun house. What happens to the girl is eithe…
Abandoned Baby On Subway
Some people should just not be allowed to have or take care of children. The New York City Police Department were searching for a woman who they say allegedly abandoned a baby on a New York City subway platform, but no longer. We have an update.
Dog Attacks Girl [VIDEO]
Many American’s are not afraid to admit that they are prejudiced against pit-bull and Rottweiler dogs. Much research now shows that they are responsible for most of the the dog attack cases in the U.S.A. Now another such case is getting national attention. WARNING: The images of the …
Toddler In Vending Machine
It appears that he crawled in through the prize slot and the machines owner says, however he did took him some time. The workers at Madsen's Bowling and Billiards in Lincoln said that a customer alerted them about a little boy who was stuck inside a claw machine. This happened around …

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