Central New Yorkers need to be aware of a scam.

We received a tip in the form of a phone call from Dawn, who's from Utica, and who lives in Georgia and listens to us on the Internet. She described a scam her friend was exposed to that she thought was worthy of everyone's attention. The people behind the ruse use the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes as a front. Here's Dawn's account:

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Our friend received a notification supposedly from PCH that she qualified as a class A winner and eligible to claim $150,000. It was supposedly promoted and sponsored by PCH in relationship with Facebook and the Pokerstars mega bonus commission.

Our friend said she was going to be getting a check delivered to her door. My husband contacted the phone number and proceeded to inquire about the the claim. To make a long story short, they needed $700 for a clearance fee and once payment is made his winnings would be delivered to our doorstep. That's when he stopped proceeding. I hope this will reach out and stop some from falling into the scam.

Be on the alert for this scam.

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