More exploring in Central New York for 'New to Naomi' - this time my adventures took me into the area of Cooperstown.

I would call Cooperstown the baseball capital of New York - maybe even the baseball capital of the United States. I spent my day walking around the main downtown area (and of course the streets surrounding that), checking out the different shops and restaurants, and exploring all that Cooperstown had to offer.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Obviously Cooperstown is known for the Baseball Hall of Fame, but I wanted to find more in the town (and there is). Sure, most of the shops along the main drag are baseball-themed and sell baseball collectibles, which makes it the perfect place to take any baseball fan. I don't know a lot about baseball (hockey is my sport), but I still had a great time in Cooperstown. Between heading to the DoubleDay Field or walking up to the Cooperstown Distillery, there's a ton to do in the area.

The exploring started with a walk down the main strip - checking out the stores, and the area around the Baseball Hall of Fame. Then I headed down a side street towards the water, and found this really old house (like from the 1800's). Walked down by the water for a bit, then headed up the other side of the main downtown area. I stopped in some of the shops to see what they had to offer, and even went into the 'Hardball Cafe' for a drink.

After that it was a walk to the DoubleDay Field, and then over to the Cooperstown Distillery. The day wrapped up with a nice meal over at the Cooperstown Back Alley Grille.

I think the best part of Cooperstown is that everything is in walking distance. Anything you wanted to check out or do - well, just walk to it. I like towns that are like that (it's better than driving around all day. Plus you get to go out and soak up the sunshine and get fresh air). I can't wait to see where 'New to Naomi' will take me next weekend!


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