An unexplained video was posted to the reddit Paranormal forum that contains a creepy, growling disembodied voice saying 'come on!'

The woman who recorded this video, describes the situation like this:

I was riding the bus home one night. The 3 people on the bus were the driver, a woman sitting directly behind him and me, sitting at the back of the bus. A man gets on at one of the stops and is clearly intoxicated. He stands in the middle of the bus, about 5 or so feet away from me, and is swaying back and forth. Every so often his body jolts as though to stop him from falling over. I couldn't believe how wasted this guy was and was texting my boyfriend about him so I pulled my phone out and recorded this guy rocking back and forth and mumbling to himself to show him when I got home. I didn't hear what he was mumbling because he was too far away.

Once I got home, I showed my boyfriend the video. About 15 seconds or so into the video, you can clearly hear a mans voice growl into the speaker on my phone. (I can't remember exactly what the voice said but I have my old phone charging now so hopefully I can get the video off of it). It freaked me right out because the man in the video was too far away for me to hear what he was saying on the bus and there was no one else sitting near me.


As another redditer points out, not only does the voice say 'come on.' But the first second of the video, the same voice sounds like it's calling out the name Aaron.
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