Dunkirk Lighthouse was first established on Point Gratiot in 1827 in Dunkirk, NY. Since then the lighthouse has come to be known for quite an extensive reputation for being haunted.

The history of the Dunkirk Lighthouse includes a number of historically significant events including the first shots of the war of 1812 and a multitude of tragic shipwrecks that cost the lives of hundreds over the years. With all of the tragic events around the light is it any wonder why Dunkirk Lighthouse is reported to be one of the most significantly haunted lights in New York?

On June 29th, the NY Shadow Chasers traveled out to Dunkirk for an investigation of the lighthouse. When arriving on site, the historian presented something new to the team.

He played an answering machine recording that the lighthouse had received recently. After checking with the phone company the staff said that this strange call was not recorded as any incoming call. Strangely enough, the local media reported that someone had just drowned near the light on the night of this bizarre message.

What do you think of this bizarre message?

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