Another person has decided to dress up like a clown and try to freak people out. And who would have guessed - It's working.

Mysterious Clown From Staten Island
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Back in 2013 in Northampton, a clown was spotted scaring the public, just by standing on a corner and watching people as they came and went. The clown was dressed just like the clown in the movie 'It' (based on the novel by Stephen King). It caused quite a commotion worldwide, as many people deal with a fear of clowns.

Later in 2014 a copy-cat clown was found doing the same exact thing on Staten Island. Another terrorizing clown that didn't do anything - but just stood there, and that was enough to freak people out.

Well, now it's happening again. A clown was spotted in Waukesha, Wisconsin scaring people. The clown wanders street corners and was even sighted on the campus of Carroll University - which was enough to make some students very uncomfortable. WISN 12 News gives us the details on this latest copy-cat clown.



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