Now that spring is here, finally, do a little spring cleaning in your life.  Could be cleaning the closets in your house of could be letting go of those toxic relationships that don't do anything but bring you down.

Is there someone in your life who constantly makes you sad?  Now is the time to let them go and make room for someone who doesn't bring you down.  Think of it as spring cleaning your life!  More from Delilah:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the story about the person who is so embittered by a bad breakup that hating the other person consumes their thoughts and practically their whole life. It’s okay to be angry, but eventually you have to allow yourself to move on from something like that or it will imprison you in a bad place. Let go of anger and resentment so you can fill that void with something positive. Don’t let someone that has hurt you continue to do so after they’re long gone. 

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