You don't have to be a professional landscaper to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature.  Delilah shared with her listeners the miracles she sees in her garden.

Did you know we wouldn't have foods like pears and melons if it wasn't for bees?  Delilah loves her garden and calls bees one of the miracles in the garden.  Here's more:

A mustard seed is another miracle. It’s a teeny tiny little seed not much bigger than a pencil’s tip; it’s so very miniscule. And yet when you plant it in the ground, it can grow into a huge plant, or even a tree that the birds can perch in. Tiny seeds growing into plants, into food, into flowers, into fruit orchards, into soaring high trees that give us shade, shelter and oxygen – amazing things occur in nature!

Delilah is on the air tonight from 7-12 on Lite 98.7's Nite Lite.

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