Catskill Day Trips
Want to get away for a day or the weekend? Instead of the usual adventures in our area, maybe it's time to consider heading to the Catskills.
New Casino Bill? [VIDEO]
Without getting into too much detail, I have to peruse child support from my son's mother who has provided little to no assistance over the last seven years. There is nothing wrong with insisting that both parents contribute to the support of a child. Many believe this support should come from whatever income it can be derived from. And now a new bill is being proposed that would require casinos t
Casino in Albany?
There is an effort underway to open a casino in New York's capitol city. Called Project E23, the resort is invisioned to contain a casino, hotel, water park and equestrian center.
Jobs That Make The World Worse
Most of us like to think we're contributing to the overall good, or at least feel like we're needed when we show up to work whether we like our jobs or not. But here's a list of jobs that even those that do them have chimed in to say they're not helping make the world a much better place at all.

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