When it comes to Demetria Devonne Lovato's bicurious summer banga, "Cool For The Summer," "obsessed" would be an understatement. For real, tho. Like Miley, we can't stop — and we won't stop.

And now, after premiering the rowdy lyric video for her summer smash (which is really a party in and of itself, if you haven't already seen it), the "Heart Attack" singer is bringing her oh-so-scandalous, cherry-tasting track to life with the official music video. How? A big ol', sexy warehouse party with a few very sexy friends doing all sorts of sexy things, as it turns out.

But first things first...

Demi Flip 2


And also...

Demi Flip GIF


Ain't nothing better than a hair flip.

Demi's looking both (A) cold as fire and (B) hot as ice while flipping that hair (YAS GAWD, MAMA), strutting her stuff (SLAY QUEEN) and flaunting that unbelievably hot bod (COME THROUGH) in the Hannah Lux Davis-directed visual for her summer smash — no doubt due in large part to that spritz of Devonne by Demi, which makes a brief cameo at some point. Moisturize!

Seriously, this is one sick underground party, a la "Till The World Ends" — but without the whole apocalypse thing and all. Bounce houses? Foam? PILLOW FIGHTS? Everyone's making out and stuff, too. It's like the slightly sleazier, sexier after-party following the "Neon Lights" club affair.

To be fair, we would have loved to see Demi dive into the deep end with a lady friend and a spark a little bit of controversy as the first bikini top-filled teaser for the song suggested...but we're more than happy seeing her have the time of her life with her crew, too. It's a free-for-all!

Check out the video for "Cool For The Summer" up top, and let us know if you need to borrow a fan too.

Demi's Sexy Selfie

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